The PMP – Different From Other Internships

The career coaching session was a very, very useful one as it opened up a lot of doors listening to others.

The PMP is a program that gives you exposure to tasks according to what you learned and the careers that you want to go through, and also it’s a very professional environment. I think it is a complete package.

I started at two and I think I finished five-thirty or six. It was presentation, case study analysis, GMAT style English and math questions and then I think an hour and forty five minutes of personal behavioural type questioning. It was a very intense interview session and it made we wonder why we have such an intensive interview session but now I’m realizing why. PMP has so many applicants and they really need to grill each applicant to know whether they are fit for the program and whether the program is fit for them.

One of the things was that I have to learn to keep quiet. Sometimes I say things that I should not say. I’m learning how in a real business setting you have to be more professional and you can’t be friends with everyone. That’s very hard for me but I had a mentor who actually helped me through this.

There are so many internships available. I’ve been talking to my friends as well now that everyone has an internship. I think one of the things that PMP has to offer that not many internships have to offer is that you do the real work. In PMP you actually do the work so if you want to learn and get real experience, PMP is really good, because it will give you hands-on training. All the minute things which are important in professional life, I think you will learn. You will learn to have to critique. You will learn how to find great marketing research reports and everything. It’s really good when it comes to real experience.

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PMP Department: Analytics
PMP Start Year: 2009
Education: Ryerson University – MBA